Kevin O’Brien

CEO & Founder

Founder of Affordit®. Kevin is an experienced executive in finance and big data analytics. He has lead his team in developing financial software that increases visibility, transparency and engagement throughout the consumer loan process.

Affordit was formed by Kevin O’Brien when he left Johnson & Johnson Global Finance. Kevin started the company after he and his wife tried to purchase their first home but were denied by multiple financial institutions due to their student loans. Kevin recognized a problem within the mortgage process. With over ten years of experience in finance and analytics, he wants to disrupt the mortgage industry by creating transparency in the form of solutions between applicants and financial institutions.

Kevin received a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Tampa. He received a Bachelor of Finance and International Business from the University of South Florida; in addition, he completed a Chinese language program from the Confucius Institute in 2012.