How to Find New Fintech Jobs Virtually

by Jul 7, 2020Blog

We’ve all grown accustomed to working from home these days, and the good news is financial technology jobs can do so without missing a beat. However, if your current company has taken a financial hit or you’re simply looking for a chance, don’t let the current climate discourage you from starting a job search. Here’s how to search and interview for fintech jobs virtually.


Think small

There is no shortage of experienced fintech firms around the world, but there are also new firms experiencing amazing growth cropping up every day. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, opportunities for disrupters arise across all aspects of the industry. Focusing your search on startups allows you to get in on the ground up with a company focusing on an often-overlooked segment by traditional financial services firms.

Find your niche

The pandemic has presented unique opportunities for fintech companies to expand their portfolios, adding specialties and new positions. A strong emphasis has been placed on tech and data, meaning not every applicant has to come from a fintech background. While banks will continue to stretch their risk tolerance, there’s still room in the market for those across all sectors to bring their own expertise.

Exercise your network

The silver lining to job hunting is that you’re likely not the only one in the same position right now. The go-to resource for calling in favors from your network is LinkedIn, where you can follow specific companies you have your eyes on and connections may work, as well as apply directly for open positions that are posted. Setting Google Alerts for key job terms will also save you the hassle of signing up for individual posting sites.

Expand your search

With major tech companies, such as Twitter, announcing a permanent work-from-home policy, don’t just think locally when starting your job search. Plenty of fintech firms are seeing the advantage of having employees work 100 percent remotely, including being able to source better and more talent. What’s more, even major tech companies have ventured into the fintech space, so your search doesn’t need to focus solely on fintech companies.

Take notes

No matter your personality type, interviewing via video conferencing has its advantages. Aside from the obvious advice of making sure you’re dressed appropriately, background noises are minimized, and your setting is professional, come prepared with a list of talking points and questions for the group taped near your monitor as to not miss any opportunities for bragging rights. However, try to keep your eyes focused on your camera rather than your monitor to give the illusion of looking into the interviewer’s eyes.

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