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The Affordit Solution Based Outcome Report®

What is Affordit®?

Affordit creates innovative lending solutions for financial institutions. Our proprietary AI technology analyzes applicants’ financial data and models their optimal financial profile. The recommendations are specific to the applicants’ qualifications based on the financial institution’s products, rates, and underwriting guidelines. This allows the lender to offer tailored recommendations to the applicants. The benefits for financial institutions are increased product penetration, labor cost reduction, and increased cross-selling, resulting in consumer loan growth year over year.

As a consumer, can I use Affordit®?

Affordit is a software development company (SaaS).  Our software is available for business-to-business integration.   We partner with Loan Origination Systems, and our customers are financial institutions.  Ask your financial institution if they are partnered with Affordit.

How is the Affordit Solution Based Outcome Report® beneficial to my customers?

Our Solution Based Outcome Report provides applicants full visibility into their financial picture. We empower each applicant with actionable solutions to optimize their financial standing long-term and month-over-month. Affordit promotes consumers’ financial health.

How is the Affordit Solution Based Outcome Report® beneficial to my financial institution?

Increased Product Penetration: Affordit provides borrowers with a Solution Based Outcome Report that identifies tailored cross-sell opportunities to increase accounts per consumer and improve financial well-being. We make the right recommendations, to the right person, at the right time.

Labor Cost Reduction: We have the Algorithm!  All loan applicants are automatically processed through the Affordit Wallet Genie®, which instantly creates additional outcomes and real-time insights.  As your loan volume grows, and you start seeing economies of scale, you won’t need to hire additional headcount.

Increased Cross-Selling: Many of the solutions that our AI identifies will also be cross-selling opportunities.  By leveraging our cutting-edge technology, your team will be able to offer more comprehensive recommendations.

Application Insights
What is "Application Insights"?
Applications Insights makes it easier for financial institutions to identify actionable solutions to guide their consumers to an optimal financial position.  All of the tailored solutions from Affordit® fall within the institution’s products, rates, and underwriting guidelines, creating cross-sell opportunities that the applicant should qualify for.
How does "Application Insights" work?
This is an evolution in the lending industry in which an institution sends a file containing all of its consumer data.  A soft credit pull is conducted, and this data is then processed through the Affordit Wallet Genie®, our proprietary AI algorithm.  Once processed, we create a report that provides a 360-degree view of the financial health and recommendations for products to fit their needs. 
How is "Application Insights" beneficial to financial institutions?
Product Penetration: Affordit® provides easy-to-understand solutions that can be used to better consumers’ financial position.  These solutions increase the number of accounts per individual by offering tailored products for the individual’s financial wellness.

Labor Cost Reduction: Once the Applications Insights process is complete, your institution converts consumer data into upselling opportunities.  This allows them to identify additional loan volume without requiring additional resources.

Increased Cross-Selling: The recommendations Affordit® provides are cross-sell opportunities.  The institution will be able to provide tailored solutions to individuals, unparalleled in today’s lending industry.


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