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Affordit brings new meaning to the concept of community with its nonprofit initiative tampastrong.

Born of a desire to improve the financial well-being of their Greater Tampa community, Affordit took the initiative in June 2020 to recognize the essential employees of local banks and credit unions with Covid care packages.

This small contribution gave way to nonprofit initiative #tampastrong, a vehicle for the greater good that harnesses Affordit’s talent for thinking outside the box to lift spirits and help the community rebound from a challenging year. By supporting its people, these efforts will, in turn, nourish the community as a whole and the entrepreneurial spirit of Tampa’s burgeoning tech scene.

Community is more than just a where – it’s a who, a what, a when, and a how.

By recognizing the importance of cash flow and access to capital for the families and small businesses we rely on, #tampastrong is inextricably tied to the community in which it was born. Today, more than ever, it’s the connection that counts.

#tampastrong is the 503(c) nonprofit branch of Affordit.

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