Let’s evolve your financial institution.

Increased Product Penetration

Affordit® provides easy to understand solutions that can be used to better consumers’ financial position. These solutions increase the number of accounts per individual by offering optimal products for the financial wellness of the individual.

Labor Cost Reduction

Once the Affordit® integration is complete, consumer data is converted into upsell opportunities for your institution. This allows additional loan volume to be identified, without requiring additional resources.

Increased Cross-Selling

The recommendations Affordit® provides are cross sell opportunities. The institution will be able to provide tailored solutions to individuals, unparalleled in today’s lending industry.

It’s all possible with Affordit®, the first tool of its kind. Think of The Affordit Wallet Genie® as your personal AI assistant.

The Problem

The #1 problem for financial institutions today is driving loan volume with decreased foot traffic in branches.

Providing tailored recommendations to applicants can be a time and labor intensive process.


Previously, the market did not have the technology to provide these insights until Affordit®.

The Solution

Affordit® can create additional loan recommendations from every loan application using your institutions products, rates, and underwriting guidelines.

These recommendations are made by leveraging Affordit’s AI technology at the point of sale to generate an Affordit Solution Based Outcome Report® with every application.

The Affordit Solution Based Outcome Report® contains tailored recommendation(s) that a loan officer can use to identify cross sell opportunities which generate new business.